Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Finally, the day that all SJ fans waiting has come..30th October 2012, SJ's leader Lee Teuk or his real name, Park Jung Su joins Korean military as part of the mandatory service of all male Korean citizens. He will undergo his five weeks of basic military training at an army camp in Uijeongbu , Gyeonggi province and will serve in the active duty for 21 months and will be discharged 2014.

All ELF will miss you and will waiting for you...see you in 2014.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

TVXQ < Catch Me > Special Edition CD + DVD + Poster

Kepada peminat TVXQ di Malaysia..sesiapa yang masih tercari-cari nak membeli album TVXQ terbaru, sila klik ORDER TVXQ. Kali ini pesanan dibuka untuk album special edition. Maklumat lanjut boleh didapati di link tersebut.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Now...every day...every hour..every minutes...TVXQ always beside me. Huh? Not in person la... if in person..you all will be jealous. Even better...there are many variety shows that have them as quest... Go Dream... Running Man ... Go Victory ... now Hello...ahh...I had watched it without english subtitle...not even understand..but it makes me feels good...so good. And I also like to thank TVXQ fans that translate and put english sub for this program..to share with international fans like me...Gumawo (TQ).


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Catch Me ... if you wanna...after two weeks listed in Music Bank...they still position no. 2...hard to defeat PSY which had so many points...for 8 weeks already. If PSY not in the list...TVXQ already win for two (2) consecutive weeks. However, this just my dream...and I will keep dreaming ...and believe...TVXQ will be number one.. FIGHTHING,.. hmm wonder when my Catch Me album arrive? 

Now..another drama that seems had take my breath away... INNOCENT MAN... staring by Song Joong Ki..

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huh..first I saw his face in this drama...I thought I've seen he before...then I remembered that he one of Running Man team...ermmm yeah I noticed he during Running Man ep 27...because TVXQ as guests. But during that he just like a boyish...but in this drama..more like manly...and the story line become more interesting...and definitely I will watch it until final episode.

Yes..tomorrow..pre launch of ticket for Super Junior M Showcase in Malaysia. The showcase is schedule on 11 December. And I still thinking whether to go or not...the ticket price quite expensive and most of fans of Super Junior are students....luckily I now already working...I also hope that TVXQ also will perform concert in Malaysia during their world tour...


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